That Helped!

So, for me, reviewing those videotapes, of My 600 Pound Life  television show , helped me get into better mind set , better thinking about changing my old eating habits for better new ones, getting back to eating healthy.

The problem re-started back after Easter when I began having cravings for the sugar and sweets, and then boom!  Wow.  I found this ‘party cake’ .  And that set off a whole new set of wanting some of that sugar.   I am kind of a sugar freak and so I am consciously aware of the real need to curtail that , stop it or cut down on sugar.   It seems that the party cake must have  been a start of really enjoying sugar foods, more , and that was it.   I have no doubt that I must have gained a few pounds celebrating Easter and the Easter holidays, and then every day after that.

I have a solution, at least a beginning of a solution.  And I’m working on that today and for the rest of the week, even though I am not beginning the military diet for about a month or so.     I will still have sugar; I just won’t be so obsessed with having it.

I feel healthier already since I changed my eating habits last night and continuing this morning.

Videos help.  Watching others succeed, that helps also.   And seeing where others fail, (I never hope for the failure of others) –seeing where they fail helps me to know what other things need to be worked on -in my life.   For example, watching the others on the video constantly go for fast food — and seeing how that is demonstrated in their body weight and in their health — that helps me to REMEMBER  what fast food does to our bodies and to our health.      So, having no clue how , it does give me the incentive to cut down completely or stop all fast foods.

That works for me.



Keep Warm; It’s Summer!

Okay, so it is not summer quite yet.    And the temperature is still a little bit chilly.

So here’s another article on keeping warm, wherever you are.

  • Always wear a hat, even at night.   When you wear a hat at night, even when you are sleeping, you keep warmer than if you have no hat on.
  • Invest in those nice fleecy-type blankets, the soft kind, preferably a light color.
  • Invest in a good sleeping bag for icy-cold winters.  Get a  large mummy bag that is for ‘tall people’ .  The tall feature gives you more space even though it is a mummy-sleeping bag.
  • Before bedtime drink warm and hot beverages rather than having something icy -cold.
  • If your boiler broke, you can even use those hand-warmers that people use in camping.   It is a completely-contained small item that requires no electricity.  If you tend to get cold hands, this is ideal for cold winter nights.
  • In the daytime, let all that sun indoors by opening the curtains wide.  During the night, make sure that you have the drapes pulled shut tight.
  • Use plastic storm windows if you have no regular storm windows.
  • Put your warm clothing on , sweaters etc, before you get cold.  That eliminates the chill factor.    If you wait until later to get warm clothing on, you might get a chill and that will stay with you all night long.   So dress warm, but dress warm early in the day, before dark.


Those are the helpful hints for now.   Have hints?  Leave a note.


Ideas Might Be Different

Since the time that I was a young child, I learned what I knew from either reading books and magazines or by watching things on television or by observing those people around me.

I would watch someone and say to myself, “I don’t want to be like that person”. And so, in an effort to not be like a certain person, I would make my own rules for my life, even at a young age. Rules are hard to follow sometimes, but it is the rules of life (depending on your own situation) that helps us to handle life better and also help us to solve problems.

For me, the rules that I make for myself, help eliminate or avoid problems, when I stick to the rules and follow the rules.

So, for now, the rule for my blog here is to post videos, poems, stories, and articles about important topics. For the most part, I hope to learn from some of the videos. Depending on the video or on the story or poem, I might just be reminding myself of something or learning a new thing. Reminders are good, and helpful hints are good.
Hey, whatever works for a person, that is helpful for a person in one’s life, that works. If it is legal and it works, then go for it.

Disclaimer: Don’t do anything that is not safe for you to do. If you need help from a professional, seek professional help. This blog and all of these entries are for entertainment only and for sharing information only with those who wish to see or view it or read it. Readers are expected to make their own choices for their own lives. I am not a professional, I am a blogger just sharing ideas here. Never do what is not safe for you to do. Above all, have a strong faith in God, and keep on keeping on.

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It’s Not the Fat; It’s the Obnoxiousness

In this video, Steven says, “I want what I want”.    When I watch this video, I see Steven verbally demanding that his father stop the car and go get some food for him.    

Better idea?  Was food in the car earlier, packed for the road, healthier food, fruits, veggies, white rice, low calorie snacks?

Anyways, in this video, Steven keeps calling his father on the phone (they are both in the same vehicle heading towards the hospital).    What gets me in this video is that Steven is basically threatening his father when he says, “If anything happens to me …etc.”   He is insinuating that if anything happens to him that this is his father’s fault.

Idea?  Perhaps it might be partially his father’s fault  IF his father is the one bringing him high calorie foods all the time.  If Steven can’t walk on his own to get his own food, then who is bringing him his high calorie food?

Idea?   Steven’s weight, at this point, is still his own fault.     At the present time (in this video, it is Steven who is insisting and demanding that they bring food to him).  If they don’t bring food to him , he acts up, and he blames them for his weight or for his condition.

Idea?  Maybe it’s time for Steven to grow up and take responsibility for his own actions, for his own eating plan, and for his own over-eating?

What would you do in this case?

For me, if I was in that situation, as the Dad, or as the caretaker, I would have to make the choice (since Steven is being obnoxious), the choice to either not live with Steven while he is demanding, not chauffeur Steven while he is demanding.

Idea?   What if the father told Steven (while Steven is demanding that they stop every hundred miles), that he would turn around and bring him to his own home if he kept up the demands and he (the dad) would not be a  part of any further transportation for him.

Idea — in this case, the father is forgetting that while Steven is demanding, the father still has opportunities to make CHOICES for his own life — no matter how much Steven acts up.

In this case, it appears that the father is acting out of fear (of ‘something happening to Steven if he doesn’t get food every 100 miles), and so he gives in to Steven’s demands.   

The father isn’t thinking of the present case –where Steven is risking his own life with each meal that he takes, rather than the father being responsible ‘if anything happens to Steven. 

SO, it’s not Steven’s FAT that is the problem in this case, it is Steven’s obnoxiousness and Steven’s demands on his father and Steven’s demands on everyone , including on his physician (see the other video where Steven threatens to call the press if the Doc doesn’t do what Steven wants the doc to do for Steven). 

When people use manipulation, whether it is yelling or crying or threatening others, to get what they want to get out of life, those people are the ones who remain at fault for their own situation.

What’s your take on this story that Steven made public?

Steven claims, “I am feeling very weak, and if something happens to me, you are going to be very sorry”!


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These videos have OPPOSING views on the health issue of weight – thin or fat? Where is your take on these?

NOTE:      The reason I post these videos is two-fold.   First, I have an eating disorder, and watching videos on the health topics of weight – helps me maintain and helps me try to get healthier.          Watching the videos about Steven (below), helped me realize that I need to get started, soon,  middle or end of May , on a change of eating habits.      And watching the other videos (below) the ones that criticize the  people who promote fat as being “healthy” , helps me put things in reality, just reminders of what reality is.   Reality is that being overweight is not and has never been healthy.

Sometimes being skinny  (abnormally skinny ) isn’t health either.     So, key here is I am of the opinion that balance helps,  a middle of the line helps, an idea that I don’t have to be fat OR skinny but I just have to be me, someone planning healthy meals and eating healthy meals to feel healthier and to be healthier.        Right now, I probably am about thirty pounds overweight and hope to lose that thirty pounds this year  (through eating healthier).           I have decided to begin the military diet (for a while) probably near the middle or the end of May.
Here are the videos that are helping me to think healthier , to get on  a better plan of eating , daily, in a more healthy way.    (The Steven videos and the ‘fat acceptance’ comment videos help me to avoid fast food as much as I can avoid it.  In most of the videos of the people  who are over 100 or 200 pounds overweight — most of them actually ‘live’ on fast food.   That’s one of my big ‘cut outs’  of the plan.

Are you interested in discussing health and fat or health and skinny  or health and diet, leave a note there.   And let me know your ideas and thoughts on the topics.


It appears (from other videos on same topic) that Steven calls the press in after he breaks the rules of the health agreement.   What’s the truth in this matter?  Watch all the videos to get the background and to see Steven’s real attitude on health, on life and on the Doctor’s help.

This other guy has a different opinion on health issues and weight and advocates. This video is below

A video about Steven

In the video above, Steven threatens to call the press.    He came to the hospital against the Doctor’s orders, arrives there and then the Doctor refuses to treat him.  This is all according to this video.

The background story of Steven, as shown on the tube , is here ..

This other guy is commenting on the show, on some of the participants






For me, some of the things that helped me lose weight were  —  a book by Tallmadge  , a book called.  DIET SIMPLE .    It’s NOT a diet book, that’s just the name of the book, DIET SIMPLE.    I highly recommend that one. 

And, a big thing that helped me lose weight was cutting out ALL fast food.       As I go back to fast food, I can see that this stuff really makes you gain weight.

So, by cutting out fast food (most times), drinking more water -filtered water, and by reading the book by Tallmadge, I will lose the last thirty pounds.

The Military Diet

The reason I watch and talk about this kind of video is because discussing helps me bring things into perspective for my own life.   At present I am about thirty pounds overweight and have a plan to begin the military diet (temporarily) as a kickstart to eating better.

Watching videos about health, whether it is where others fail or where others are successful — help me in my own plans and in my own ideas and that helps me to live a better life when I act on the healthy side of things.

Here is the video about the military diet.  (Do not try this without your doctor’s ideas or opinions on the diet and on your  own lifestyle and health).

the Military Diet

Good Food, Healthy Food

On the topic of food, first thing that you can do that will be the healthiest action you can take to benefit your good health, is to quit fast food.   Quit all fast food.  Yet most can not go cold turkey and just quit.  Try this.
If you must have fast food because you are in a hurry, try choosing the salad, or the potatoes as opposed to the meats and the fish.

Try choosing a snack instead of a whole meal.  A snack can hold you over until you get home and then you can eat real food (healthy food) at home.

Try choosing a beverage only, instead of eating at a fast food place, and then eat at home.

Try watching this video and then watch more and more videos on the same topic.    What you think is what you do.   Think healthy and you will, eventually, be healthy.

video about fast food

netpictures military diet2018-04-29 at 10.54.57 AMMilitary diet